1. Members 12-15 years of age must be accompanied by parent/guardian at all times, 
2. Consider other members' rights and privileges while he is training 
3. Treat members and staff with fullest respect and courtesy at all times 
4. Follow directions on the proper use of the training equipment and ask for directions when necessary 
5. Collars must be used on weight bars at all times. 
6. Report any damaged or malfunctioning equipment to a staff member immediately 
7. Accept fullest responsibility for any damage done to equipment due to your misuse of the equipment 
8. Do not bang dumbbells together when doing flies or other exercises 
9. Do not drop weights or dumbbells groundlessly 
10. Return all weights and equipment to their proper racks after use. 
11. Proper tidy and clean gym clothes and shoes are required. 
12. Wipe off all cardiovascular equipment and benches when finished. Towels and cleaner will be supplied.
13. Dispose of trash in the proper places 
14. Do not bring food into the fitness area. 
15. No bags are allowed on the Gym floor at any time 
16. Lockers are for use whilst in the Gym only-any contest in occupied.Lockers will be emptied overnight.
17. Alcohol, tobacco products, and illegal drugs (including anabolic steroids) are prohibited.