Yannick Schalz // Muay Thai Rising phoenix-Fighting experience

E-MAIL ADDRESS: risingphoenixfightingexperience@hotmail.com
TALKING LANGUAGES: English, French, German

Martial Art Biography:
I have been doing martial arts since 2001, including competitions, internships and travelling the world to enrich my knowledge in various martial arts.
My fighting career lasted until the year 2014, with a total of nearby 60 official fights and my last big fight being in Thailand.
My experiences are 9 years of Taekwondo and was a member of Luxembourg’s national Taekwondo Team. I have earned national and international titles within this area, along with recognition of one of the athletes of the year in Luxembourg. My black belt (1. Dan) was certificated in South-Korea.
After my Taekwondo years, my passion and focus shifted to Muay Thai in 2010. A majority of my skills and knowledge were acquired while being in Thailand for all in all about 7 months, learning from the best thai-fighters.
All in all, after 18 years of dedication, sacrifices, blood and sweat, I believed in 2019, that now it is the time to share my knowledge with others by introducing them to this one-of-a-kind martial art. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, knowledge and skills which I have gathered over the years.
With this being said, in January-February 2019 I opened my first Martial Art Club which will comprise of 80 to 90 percent of Muay Thai and the rest of the 10-20 percent will be “Yannick”


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